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Litmus Research Initiative


Since its establishment and launch in May 2005, the Litmus Research Initiative has facilitated and sustained a significant programme of contemporary art projects which develop and expand opportunities for artistic, curatorial and publishing activities beyond gallery space. It regularly hosts national and international artists, curators, writers and thinkers through its new work, residency, fellowship and talks programmes.


Litmus facilitates the creative and scholarly work of artists, writers, curators and professionals in related fields. Resisting fixed definition, Litmus is conceived as a means to develop and test a range of strategies for the making, presentation and discussion of contemporary art. Dedicated to research, experimentation and lateral approaches to arts practice and reception, Litmus is fundamentally a platform for the realisation of curatorial, artist and art writing projects which are not bound by, or to, a permanent gallery space. Litmus provides an open and flexible structure for the production of new work in new contexts. It acts as a catalyst, bringing artists, curators and researchers together to discuss, create and write about artistic activity in an expanded field.


Rather than acting as a host for pre-existing work, Litmus generates projects with a view to opening up genuine opportunities for research, partnership and exchange. Litmus projects are context dependent and temporary, focusing on the facilitation of work which would otherwise remain unrealised. Litmus engages established as well as emerging practitioners with a commitment to realising projects on a range of scales and in a diversity of locations.