One Day Sculpture  




Commissioned critical responses to each of the One Day Sculpture artworks.

01. Martin Patrick on Maddie Leach’s Perigee #11 [PDF, 169KB]

02. Anna Sanderson on Kah Bee Chow’s Golden Slumbers [PDF, 164KB]

03. Louise Menzies on Nick Austin and Kate Newby’s Hold Still [PDF, 349KB]

04. Charlotte Huddleston on Amy Howden-Chapman's The Flood, My Chanting [PDF, 172KB]

05. Patrick Laviolette on Liz Allan's Came a Hot Sundae: A Ronald Hugh Morrieson Festival [PDF, 171KB]

06. Dorita Hannah on Heather and Ivan Morison's Journée des barricades [PDF, 200KB]

07. Ali Bramwell on Douglas Bagnall, Adam Hyde, Walker & Bromwich's Intertidal [PDF, 171KB]

08. David Cross on Bedwyr Williams' Le 'Welsh' Man's 24 Hour [PDF, 175KB]

09. Kate Linzey on Lara Almarcegui's Relocated Houses, Britton's Yard, 2009 [PDF, 172KB]

10. David Cross on Bekah Carran's I Remember Golden Light [PDF, 168KB]

11. Cheryl Bernstein on Thomas Hirschhorn's Poor-Racer [PDF, 160KB]

12. Dylan Horrocks on Paola Pivi's I Wish I Am Fish [PDF, 170KB]

13. John DiStefano on Javier Tellez's Intermission [PDF, 169 KB]

14. Ian Wedde on Billy Apple's Less Is Moore [PDF, 172KB]

15. Jon Bywater on Bik Van der Pol's 1440 minutes towards the development of a site [PDF, 183KB]

16. Jon Bywater on Superflex's Today We Don't Use the Word Dollars [PDF, 164KB]

17. Lara Strongman on Michael Parekowhai's Yes we Are [PDF, 268 KB]

18. Max Delany on Roman Ondak's Camouflaged building [PDF, 276 KB]

19. Caroline Vercoe on James Luna's Urban (Almost) Rituals [PDF, 264 KB]

20. Kate Brettkelly- Chalmers on Rirkrit Tiravanija's Untitled, 2009 (Pay Attention) [PDF, 280KB]

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